Planning Summer Adventures

It is somehow already mid-June. I had the best of intentions to plan out summer trips well in advance this year and guess what? Life.
So take it from a pro (at not booking things in time that is) that you should always book your backcountry campsites well in advance!If you’re thinking a national park on Canada Day weekend sounds fun, be sure shooting (but don’t shoot in a national park without permit) that a billion other Canadians are thinking the same.
So here we are. The backcountry sites at our nearest and dearest national park, Kejimkujik, is booked up for nearly every weekend this summer.
Sooo, now what? Be sure to know that when one adventure doesn’t work out, another is just around the corner!
This summer we’re looking at some walk-in camping at Porter’s Lake, some backcountry camping at Kenomee Canyon, potentially some island camping in the Halifax harbour (aka McNab’s), some epic day trips including Admiral Lake Loop, and a very exciting large trip (more on that to come!).
I rejoice every day that I can make time in my life for the outdoors and have a body that is healthy enough to take me deep into the wilderness!
So, what are your plans for connecting with the wild this summer?

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