Guess Who’s Back & Snowshoeing: Dollar Lake Provincial Park (Wyses Corner, NS)

Dear blog, let me breathe air into your lungs, compress your chest, and will you back to life. I’m sorry to have abandoned you, but damn, how does one find time for it all? Today I come back to you for a short and snappy post about snowshoeing. More posts to follow on various other adventures over the past 6 months. 

Today is frigid by Nova Scotia standards: -17 degrees Celsius with the wind. We piled on our layers of fleece and wool and set out to snowshoe at Dollar Lake Provincial Park, which has awesome winter trails that are groomed by Ski Martock

The snowshoeing was great even though snot froze to the beards of men all around me and my daughter’s cheeks looked like she had rosied them with clown make-up. We may have only lasted an hour before the wee one had us convinced her legs would need to be amputated if we didn’t stop, but it was worth the trip anyway. We got to get outdoors, breathe fresh air into our lungs, see cheery faces on the trail, and prove to ourselves that winter doesn’t have to be something to lament about. 

A Bit More About Cold Weather with Kiddos
  • Let’s face it, some of the hardcore will laugh at your level of preparation & gear required, but all of this will make the adventure much smoother! So laugh away!
  • LAYERS: There cannot be too many. You are better off carrying the extra layers that are shed than cutting your trip short with a miserably cold kiddo (remember, they do not suffer through silently like some adults).
  • Snacks freeze, and it can be really hard for wee ones to chew granola bars and other usual trail noms. For cold weather hiking, we always bring an herbal tea in our Kleen Kanteen to warm us up. On really cold days, consider a trail treat for kiddos to spice things up. There is less variation in the surroundings on snowy hikes, so a trail treat can be something kiddos look forward to. Today, we brought oatmeal with raisins, coconut, and walnuts to warm our bellies.
  • On the note of enticing trail food (even for an hour-long hike that would normally not warrant a snack), kiddos need distractions! We use distractions year-round when the trail whining comes out: Are we there yet? In the cold weather, distractions are even more crucial. Singing a song, chatting about something new at school, or planning a yummy supper meal together can help distract from whining. If they are truly cold, tired, or hungry, you will know it! 

A Bit More About The Trails
  • Trails are groomed by Ski Martock. Here is their map of the trails:

  • Trail etiquette: no dogs, minimize foot traffic, snowshoes keep to the ungroomed side, in-line and skate skis have their respective tracks.
  • Trailhead is found at: N 44 56′ 45.9″ W 63 18′ 54.2″


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