Maritime Outdoor Family Heads to Maine: Preparing to Take a Preschooler on a 9 Day Road Trip

Acadia National Park. Photo credit.
We’re preparing to take our 4-year-old on a 9 day camping road trip through New Brunswick and Maine with Baxter State ParkAcadia National Park, and Herring Cove Provincial Park among our destinations

We have done a lot of camping road trips with our wee one before, such as last year’s trip to the Cape Breton Highlands and our trip to Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park in 2012, but this one will definitely be our longest yet. We will drive over 1,700 kms. We will camp 5 nights, spend 2 nights with friends, and stay 1 night in a rustic cottage. 

The trip!

So, you might be asking, how do we plan on keeping our busy babe occupied? I am employing some tricks learned on previous trips as well as some new ones from this handy Kids Activities Blog list. Here is a peak at what I am planning:

Basically, we have:
  • ways to draw without making a mess (NO MELTING CRAYONS IN MY CAR!)
    Tip: You can find magnetic drawing boards and Etch-A-Sketch screens at secondhand stores.
  • a few new toys for the excitement of having something new
    Tip: Pick items that will hold attention. I went with a bead kit, a kaleidoscope, and a bendable wooden snake. 
  • books on CD
  • a tablet as the ultimate last resort
    Tip: Buy a new game/app for your kiddo’s device before heading on a long trip.

Ultimately, I think no toy or gadget will beat a good trip plan. We have made sure to keep long driving days separated by hiking days with minimal driving, we have found interesting stops to make along the way for heavy driving days, and we have set a maximum number of driving hours per day based on our comfort level. And speaking of trip planning, it is time for me to get back to it! 

One preschooler’s clothes packed for 9 days! 


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