The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Causeway: Salt Marsh Trail (Cole Harbour, NS)

Salt Marsh Trail is a super duper easy trail with a unique atmosphere. It is a 6.5km rail trail (i.e. railway converted into a trail) that runs along a causeway through the salt marshes. Map here. This trail is excellent for hiking/walking, running, and cycling. 

There are beautiful views of the marshes, which make for stunning photographs. Expect to see ducks and other waterfowl. Be cautious of flooding and washed-out sections of the trail. 

There is not actually a whole lot to see for wee kids, which can make the kilometers feel longer. You will see a lot of parents who will run the trail while their kids (ages 6ish to 12ish) ride their bikes alongside. We enjoyed the trail, but our 4-year-old got a bit bored in long sections where there were no side trails down to the water. My recommendation would be to bike or run this trail unless you are just getting into walking. 

Ready Aye Ready Bridge

What to expect:
*Stroller-friendly. Bike trailer friendly. 
*Lots of wind! It is colder the further you go on the trail.
*Note: There is a long gap between the outhouse and the next chance to pee. For small kids, this may be tricky as there is not even the privacy of the trees to pee in the woods. I would recommend ensuring small kids use the washroom beforehand.
*Bring binoculars if walking/hiking. 


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