A "5-Star" Provincial Park for Family Camping: Blomidon Provincial Park (Canning, NS)

Blomidon Provincial Park is awesome!! Let me tell you why!

1. It is found on a gorgeous cape in the Annapolis valley!

2. It is magnificently clean!
We saw one piece of garbage (part of a pop cap) the entire weekend! As an avid camper who frequents Nova Scotia provincial parks often, I was genuinely amazed! Most sites we visit have cigarette butts, beer caps, twist ties, and bandages caked into the grass so much so that the first thing I always have to do on a relaxing camping weekend is none other than cleaning up garbage! I was so impressed with Blomidon and commended their efforts! 
(They also give out bags upon registration for garbage, compost, and recyclables!) 

I did not get a great picture of the clean site, but I think you can appreciate how spotless it looks.

3. There is so much to do! Whether you are just getting into camping and would like to participate in activities hosted by the park or if you like to get your boots on and get hiking, there is so much to do!

A 12.5 km system of 5 interconnected trails
Explore the beach/mud flats of the Minas Basin
Various park-hosted events (sky tours, hiking, campfires, etc.)

4. Forget fire bans; you can have campfires any time in this park using [non-sparking] Fibre Fuel bricks (sold at the park)!!  

5. Excellent for families looking to transition into more outdoors activities! 
-If you are just starting to camp with your kids for the first time, there are activities to fall back on if things really aren’t going so hot (such as film screenings) in a pavillion. Just knowing this is enough to give some parents a little confidence boost to get their kiddos outdoors for the weekend! 
-Not down with being dirty? For a super wilderness-y campground, you will be happy to hear that there are flush toilets and showers!!
-Want to be camping & hiking, but lack the gear and/or experience to hit the backcountry yet? You can camp and then day-hike the cape
-Oh, and in case I am not the only crazy mama who thought it: yes, you can take babies/toddlers! No, they will not crawl off the cliff while you’re cooking! Most campsites are not even close to the menacing line showing the cliff. (We stayed in 18 and could not even see the cliff.)

“Don’t forget your bugspray or bug clothing!” says this little guy.
* * *

Hiking Jodrey, Look-off, & Woodland Trails 

The Jodrey Trail is a must! There are multiple look-off points along the way to see the beautiful sea cliffs as well as the Minas Basin! No matter what your skill level, you could always hike partway in and then return. There is some gradual climbing to 190m. For most outdoor families, this will be an excellent balance between challenge for the kiddos (climbing, roots, bends) and modesty (not too long, very gradual). 

The Look-off Trail simply connects the Jodrey Trail and the Woodland Trail, featuring 2 more look-offs.

The Woodland Trail is simple. There is a gorgeous swamp area near Look-off Trail! There are some beautiful old hardwoods! It is very simple, however, and at points, it is even crushed gravel surface.  

– Trail markings are red while heading away from the campground/trailhead and yellow while heading towards the campground/trailhead on all three trails. 
– Jodrey and Look-off are not stroller-friendly
– Recommendations: pack a lunch and water and bring a kid carrier! 

One thought on “A "5-Star" Provincial Park for Family Camping: Blomidon Provincial Park (Canning, NS)

  1. Great review of a great place! The walk on the beach during low tide is not to be missed where kilos and kilos of mud flats and rocks are there to be explored. 🙂


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