The Highest Point in HRM: Blue Mountain (Hammonds Plains, NS)

Blue Mountain, while by no means an actual mountain, is the highest point in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). And as it turns out, it is also a great little day hike, especially for hiking families! It is in the ballpark of 5 km long (linear), and the terrain is old logging roads at first and then the actual trail is moderate in difficulty. It does not feel particularly challenging, but there are various log bridge crossings, steep areas, and a wee bit of climbing up boulders. It is not stroller-friendly (except for the log roads if you wanted to use a stroller for the first part and leave it at the trailhead). I did a blend of babywearing (in a kid carrier backpack with trekking poles) and of letting my daughter, now 3, explore on her own. 

There is a small amount of navigation required just to find the actual trailhead off the logging roads. I would recommend taking a map, though keep in mind that not all of the logging roads appear on the map. We did get a bit turned around initially trying to find the unmarked trailhead, but we used the opportunity to have our picnic lunch and to enjoy running free with my wee one! 

Once on the trail, it is wonderfully shaded, easy to follow, and fun for kids to overcome small obstacles such as stream crossings and mounting boulders! We counted five different types of flowers on the trail (in June) and saw a rabbit hop around within meters of us without a care in the world!

Just be cautious of rot in the bridge crossings! 

Navigating fun! Just look for the pink marker tape. 

Also: good to be cautious of little feet slipping between logs on the bridges! 

Life is great if you’re the one in the backpack, eh?

When you get to the top, you will find a rope to help you mount the last boulder. Don’t be too intimidated by this! It is really not too tricky at all, and kids enjoy getting to jump into your arms when descending. 

When you reach HRM’s highest point, you will be able to see Halifax and Dartmouth, including one of the bridges. Lay a rock and enjoy the view together!

* * *

Please note:
There is a proposed expansion of the NS-103, which would be completely detrimental to this wilderness area. See below.


2 thoughts on “The Highest Point in HRM: Blue Mountain (Hammonds Plains, NS)

  1. This is one trail I've always wanted to find since I keep longing to see where are the people go when they park their cars on the highway. Great pics and awesome to show the trail. It's important for folks to see where the proposed 103 would go through so they can see what we'll lose.


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