A Perfect Start to Family Cycling: Rails to Trails

Want to start cycling with your kids? Rails to Trails is the perfect place to begin! Let me share with you a bit about why they are a great place for family cycling:

1. No traffic! The Rails to Trails run long stretches without ever seeing cars. This is an immediate relief to most parents new to cycling with their babies/toddlers because it is so much safer and less stressful. You can tow your wee one in a trailer without the risks of exhaust fumes or rear crashes; you can ride with your wee one in a bike carrier seat without worrying about losing your balance and falling into traffic! The trails will occasionally cross roads, but one could even plan their first route to avoid these crossings if desired. 

Besides, kids think it’s pretty cool to drive under the traffic on the road!

2. EASY PEASY RIDE! The trails are old railway lines! There is essentially no incline! It makes it very easy, especially when towing 30+ pounds of baby and trailer behind you! I can’t promise the lemon squeezy at the end of the ride, but trust me, it is easy! 
3. Awesome trails! Okay, so yes, like I said, the Rails to Trails are awesome–wide, smooth, flat. But I mean that these trails connect to more awesome trails! Want to try a first day trip? Head to the BLT Rails to Trails and  enjoy a stop by the lake on Cranberry Run. Or park your bike and hit the trail at Bluff Wilderness Trail. And when everyone feels comfortable with day trips, why not step it up to an overnight trip? (Though you may need to hit up MEC for some panniers for this one!)

Stopping for a snack by Black Point Lake on Cranberry Run


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