An Elaborate Walk on the Beach: Munroes Island, Caribou, NS

Munroes Island is an 11 km hike in Caribou, Nova Scotia. It is beautiful, though it is essentially just a really long walk on the beach with some very rocky areas. It is, for the most part, quite easy; though the terrain is not one that would allow for a jogging stroller (at least not for very long)! A kid carrier would be best for this hike. Or for toddlers, a mixture of waking and piggybacks would work well. And rainboots so they can splash and walk out to sandbars. This hike is best at low tide to give you more width to your path, not to mention sandbars in which to play!! 

This hike is known for its many shorebirds and heron. In the salt marsh you will likely spot some sandpipers and ducks! On our hike, we saw what seemed to be a breeding ground for crabs! There were baby crabs the size of spiders crawling everywhere we looked. It was very neat! We also found beautiful sand dollars. 

If you are fascinated by boats, you may also like watching the PEI ferry coming into Caribou. Fishing boats are also frequently spotted from Munroes. This is a hit with wee ones! 


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