[Review] Stella & Roy Go Camping children’s book

 Stella and Roy Go Camping by Ashley Wolff is a brilliant camping story for kids! It is a 32-page story about a mom who takes her son and daughter backpacking in Yosemite on Lone Pine Lake trail. The story follows their journey while focusing on bear safety through the eyes of young Roy who thinks he spots bear tracks everywhere he turns. His sister, Stella, checks her animal tracks guide to teach him all the different tracks. At the end of the story, there is a 2-page animal track guide and a 1-page bird guide about animals in the story. Amazon.ca ranges this book from preschooler to grade 2 level.

Our daughter (2 years old) loves the book and begs us to read it! She now has added words such as “bear barrels” and “coyote” to her vocabulary! The photos are beautiful! And it is an enjoyable read for parents too! This will for sure be one to keep reading over the winter to remember our favourite days of the year gone camping. 


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