A Quiet Hike Perfect for Babywearing: Long Lake Provincial Park, Halifax

For me, hiking often takes on almost a form of meditation. It is my quiet time submersed with nothing but nature, allowing me to block out all of the day-to-day minutia (texts, emails, advertisements, traffic…). Some hikes are quieter than others, and I find Long Laketo usually be quite peaceful, especially in the autumn.

The park is located just past the rotary (see Google Maps or Trails of HRM book) for details. It is a big park! Really your hike is a matter of how much you want to see and how much you care to veer off the beaten path. The park will almost certainly have some dog walkers on its main trails. The trails are rougher than say Frog Pond Trail or Point Pleasant Park. They are definitely best for babywearing and not stroller pushing, which would result in lots of lifting your stroller over large roots and rocks in certain areas the path. But what’s more, you will probably want to deviate from the paths to walk by the lake and other beautiful areas of the park, which are definitely not stroller-friendly.

TIP: If deviating from the main trail with your wee one in a backpack carrier, always use caution that branches don’t poke them in the face! Use your sun hood on the carrier (if you have one) for extra protection, and carry a mirror so you can look back to see how baby is doing!

Mirrors also double as entertainment for the wee ones!
The lake, the rocks, the trees, the moss, the ducks, the peacefulness… it is beautiful! I highly recommend you check it out!

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