Packing: 5 Toys for Toddlers while Hiking/Backpacking

1. Finger puppets!

They are very lightweight and are super small! We packed 3.

2. Pocket books

2 Robert Munsch pocket books vs. 1 regular sized paperback

These are the smallest and lightest books! Very handy for hiking/backpacking.

3. Beach ball

(Image source here)

Weighs almost nothing and packs perfectly! Fun for all ages too!

4. Light shovel

Small shovel vs. standard beach toy shovel. Both available at dollar stores.  

Perfect for playing with dirt, water, leaves, etc. You can get small ones that don’t weigh much. A shovel and a pail can keep a wee one busy while preparing meals or setting up your tent. 

5. Sleep friend

H’s sleepfriend, a froggy named Grammit, is never far in the morning while camping.

Sadly this might not be lightweight or compact, but you need to take your wee one’s companion to make them feel at home at bedtime.

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