Preparing for our first backcountry camping trip with our toddler

We are in serious planning mode for our backcountry camping trip this weekend. We are going to Kejimkujik National Park. We are super excited! It is a 5km hike to our site, which is really not too too far but it’s far enough for trek for our first trip. After all, we do have to carry ALL of our things PLUS all of our toddler’s things. And then there’s, well, the TODDLER (who despite all of her energy will not walk 5km straight through). So what we have decided to do is this: Mama + backpack, Daddy + backpack, H in stroller. We will strap some gear to the stroller to help distribute the weight. H will likely walk a fair portion of it too. And when the trail becomes too uneven for our rugged stroller, we will “portage” it in a sense. I’ll post next week to let you know how successful this plan will be!

We chose to go on our trip this weekend for two reasons: (1) the Perseids meteor shower! (2) It is our wedding anniversary today!! Camping is our perfect gift to each other; after all, we are the ones who had a offbeat camping themed wedding! So, here’s to you my love, Happy Anniversary! 


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