Frog Pond Trail (Dingle Park, NS)

Here you can tell why it’s called Frog Pond. So many lily pads!!

This hike is beautiful, close for city folk, and easy enough for beginner hikers! It is about 10-15 minutes from downtown Halifax. We go in all seasons. If you are using a stroller, the trail is very accessible. If you are using a child carrier you can go off trail more and check out some of the really neat side paths and boulders. 

Our wee one is 28 months old, so what we found to be perfect was pushing her in the jogging stroller. While she napped, my partner and I sat by the water and enjoyed reading our books. When she was awake, we were wondering off the trail exploring!

We loved seeing all the colourful plants and animals! H loved seeing the squirrel up close!

But most of all, she loved the ducks! It is like a toddler’s paradise, getting up close to SO MANY duckies!


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