[Review] Platypus GavityWorks water filter!

If you are preparing to head into the backcountry, one of the large investments you are going to need to make will be in a water filter! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that water is the number one essential.
How to pick one? There are a few different options:
  • adding chemicals
  • using UV to kill the unfriendlies
  • good ol’ filtering
    • pump!      
    • let gravity do the work for you!
Chemicals are not a great long term solution. UV light in my opinion seems a little sketchy… what if the batteries die or the light quits? So we chose filtering. Since we would have already been spending upwards of $80 to have safe water (by means of a serious arm workout), we decided to invest in a GRAVITY FILTER! A Platypus GavityWorks water filter to be precise. It filters super fast (4L in 2.5 minutes), weighs very little, includes a water reservoir, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa, and costs $113. It is a lot, but it is a serious investment.
We tested it out last weekend while car camping as the campground had a boil order on for its water. I am so glad we brought it! The water was nasty! It looked like pee, but within moments of filtering, we had clear and safe drinking water! I would highly recommend this filter to any families who will be needing to procure safe drinking water while camping or hiking!

This was a must-have for us as we plan our first backcountry camping trip with H this year! Stay tuned, more to come on that! 

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