[Review] The Freshette!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… is she really going to talk about a pee-directing device? YES! I cannot promote these enough! I love mine! The Freshette is a urinating aid that allows women to pee standing, in a climbing harness, in a dry suit, etc. So whether you are in the backcountry and would rather not risk crouching in the poison ivy or if you’re a car-camping preggo mama who doesn’t want to sit on an outhouse toilet seat 20 times per day or a traveling lady who is unimpressed by unsanitary stalls, I strongly recommend a Freshette! It is $27 very well spent!

There are other types of urinating aids, including the SheWee, the Whiz Freedom, and disposable cardboard ones, but the Freshette always seems to come out on top. The SheWee has been knows to pinch labia as the trough is too narrow; the disposable ones are, well, just that—disposable; and the Whiz Freedom has a flexible plastic trough, which requires much caution so as not to squeeze causing the urine to spill out the top. The Freshette however is just right: hard plastic comfortable trough, durable, and easy to clean.

TIP: Try it out in the bathtub first so you feel comfortable and confident trying it in the backcountry.

TIP: To wash, use warm water and soap. Wash again once your trip is over before backing it away. Rinse with hot or boiling water.


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