[Review] Platypus GavityWorks water filter!

If you are preparing to head into the backcountry, one of the large investments you are going to need to make will be in a water filter! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that water is the number one essential. How to pick one? There are a few different options: adding chemicalsusing … Continue reading [Review] Platypus GavityWorks water filter!


Top 5 Favourite Things about Camping with Kids

1. Freedom!!!I love watching my baby girl run free! It's so good for her and for us. 2. Teaching them to help.Even if "helping" doesn't actually make you‒the parent‒more efficient, remember that it's important to take the time to slow down and give them "jobs" to do. Even if it is simply carrying their sleeping bag … Continue reading Top 5 Favourite Things about Camping with Kids

[Review] The Freshette!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… is she really going to talk about a pee-directing device? YES! I cannot promote these enough! I love mine! The Freshette is a urinating aid that allows women to pee standing, in a climbing harness, in a dry suit, etc. So whether you are in the backcountry and would … Continue reading [Review] The Freshette!


This Hike Rocks! (Polly’s Cove, NS)

This past weekend we did a really great day hike! I had been meaning to go for some time now, and we finally got out there: Polly’s Cove. For those of you who aren’t familiar, I would love to fill you in on the secret! This hike is located 4 minutes from the famous Nova … Continue reading This Hike Rocks! (Polly’s Cove, NS)


Best Spot for Car Camping near Halifax, NS

Our daughter's first camping trip was to Porter's Lake Provincial Park, and it has since become a favourite for car camping--perfect for those weekends when you don't have enough time for a big trip but need to be outdoors. What we love about Porter's Lake is their walk-in campsites. They have several! They are a short … Continue reading Best Spot for Car Camping near Halifax, NS